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Acenya Capital MT4 Desktop Platform

For professional traders timing is everything. If you are looking for a reliable Platform that allows you to react when it matters, at the price you requested, Acenya Capital MT4 Platform is your preferred choice. Furthermore, our technology also provides traders and investors a wealth of market information and research, technical tools and all the features required to trade successfully on one interface. A reliable trading Platform, the Acenya Capita MT4 Platform is ready for you at any time of the day, facilitating multi-asset trades from your preferred device.

Acenya capital platform helps you make more informed trading decisions with an extensive array of research and data powered by real-time execution. This trading program can be downloaded effortlessly to your desktop or laptop, giving you access to a huge range of asset classes from a single account. Manage your risk across asset classes from one account.

The Acenya Capital MT4 platform advantage

  • You can trade and monitor our entire range of instruments from one interface, Trade FX and CFDs contracts and other derivatives from one account. No need to deal with multiple brokers
  • Customise the interface to your individual preferences, include prices, market analysis, data and news modules, technical analysis and charting functions. Your portfolio, your decision
  • Best-of-class liquidity, one-click trading, fast execution, and a range of order types allow you to manage your risk and return potential as you consider appropriate
  • Backtest, optimise and apply your Expert Advisors (EAs) to automate your forex trading. You can implement your EA strategies on MT4, subject to scalping restrictions
  • Support for Windows and Mac, trade on the operating system of your choice
  • Free VPS Available

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Acenya Capital MT4 Mobile Platform

The markets are never out of your reach! Now you can trade from your preferred mobile device with Acenya Capital MT4 Mobile Platform.

This trading interface can be accessed at any time through your mobile phone or tablet. The solution is integrated with our web and downloadable trading platforms, providing you with an easy way to check on your open positions when you are on the road. You can also update existing trades or open new orders on one of our most popular trading platforms.

Powered to fit your preferred device

Accessible through many browser-enabled mobile phones, the Acenya Capital MT4 Mobile Platform lets you manage your positions, or check out market updates from anywhere in the world.

Key advantages of the Acenya Capital MT4 mobile platform

  • You get instant access to global markets through a smartphone so you can take advantage of new trading opportunities as they arise
  • Easy account monitoring through an interface that is fully integrated with the Acenya Capital Desktop Trader platforms
  • Discover our newest and most modern interface
  • Trade and research 63 products across FX, Commodities and CFDs

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Optimum Solution for Multiple Accounts

Recommended for money managers and fund managers, our Multi Account Manager (MAM/PAMM) was designed to equip professional traders with optimum management tools for trade allocation on multiple accounts, simultaneously. This maximises trading efficiency, helps with trading and management of multiple accounts in a quick, reliable and user-friendly single interface.

Benefits for account managers

  • Earn management fees, performance fees, commissions and rebates - Acenya Capital MT4 MAM/PAMM Multi-terminal empowers account managers to easily manage the funds of their clients under a master account
  • Choose between different methods of allocation - The system allows for real time management with the ability to deposit and withdraw funds without interrupting existing positions

* Account managers must be appropriately authorised or registered with their relevant regulator or competent authority.

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Free VPS for Automated Trading

We know it can be restricting having to constantly monitor your trades and Expert Advisors from your home PC. With our virtual private server (VPS) service, you no longer have to depend on your home computer or keep it running all the time.

On VPS, the platform runs on a remote server which is accessible at any time and from any computer, tablet or smartphone connected to the internet.

  • Always Online

    The service is always online when the markets are open

  • Low Latency

    Reduce latency, execute your EAs quicker and easier

  • Any of your EAs
    Use any EA on your VPS hosted MT4
  • Remote Access

    Trade from any computer, tablet or smartphone that is connected to the internet

  • FREE with Live Account

    Free of charge if you trade at least 10 lots per month or deposit over $2000